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Ch. 173-407 WAC - Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Requirements for Electrical Generating Facilities
This rule making will create a new chapter in the Washington Administrative Code. This chapter will focus on Carbon Dioxide Mitigation at new power plants that fall below the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) threshold (350MWH) and supply the public with electricity.


Local air pollution control agencies periodically submit air quality regulations to the Department of Ecology (ecology) for inclusion in Washington's state implementation plan (SIP). The SIP is a collection of air pollution regulations, programs and plans to ensure that state air quality meets the National Ambient Air Quality Standards established by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Notice #1:
Including New and Revised Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Regulations in the State Implementation Plan
Notice #2:
Proposed State Implementation Plan Revision: Spokane Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Plan and Redesignation Request
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