The Washington State Department of Health has filed the attached preproposal statements of inquiry (CR-101 notices):

WAC 246-310-262, Nonemergency Interventional Cardiology Standards, filed as WSR 07-17-170 on August 22, 2007.    The 2007 Legislature passed SHB 2304 that requires the department to adopt rules setting requirements for issuing a certificate of need for facilities seeking to perform elective percutaneous coronary interventions in hospitals that do not otherwise provide on-site cardiac surgery.

Chapter 246-560 WAC regarding the Rural Health Systems Project, filed as WSR 07-17-172 on August 22, 2007.   The department is considering revising definitions regarding the definition of "metropolitan statistical area" currently used to determine if a region is considered rural.  Changes to the rules are expected to allow more efficient use of state Health Systems Resources grants.

WAC 246-358-990, 246-359-990 and 246-361-990, fees for the Temporary Worker Housing, Temporary Worker Housing Construction Standards, and Cherry Harvest Camp programs, filed as WSR 07-17-171 on August 22, 2007.  The department is considering changes to the fee structures under the Migrant Farmworker Housing program to eliminate the hand calculation of fees required under the current structure.

Chapter 246-320 WAC, Hospital Licensing Rules, filed as WSR 07-17-173 on August 22, 2007.   The department is revising and updating operational standards rules.  WSR 05-23-096 filed in November 2005 included hospital operational standards and construction standards.  The department filed proposed rules on hospital construction standards portions of this WAC chapter as WSR 07-16-090.  The department will be filing  proposed hospital operational standards rules under this new CR-101 notice.

Chapter 246-830 WAC, Massage Practitioners, filed as WSR 07-17-036 on August 7, 2007.  The 2007 Legislature passed SHB 1397 allowing licensed massage practitioners to perform intraoral massage.   Rules are needed to set training requirements for practitioners to obtain an intraoral massage endorsement to a massage license.

Chapter 246-840 WAC, regarding qualifications and practice of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP).   The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission is considering rules to: Clarify the scope of practice for ARNPs to resolve confusion about the current rules; Explore licensure by ARNP specialty; and Assure ARNP continued competency.

<<WSR 07-18-016.pdf>>
Adopting a new chapter of title 246 WAC, regarding certification of Animal Massage Practitioners.  The 2007 Legislature passed ESB 5403 requiring certification of animal massage practitioners, and directed the department to adopt rules to set certification requirements.  The rules would not affect animal massage practitioners who practice under an endorsement to their human massage therapy license issued under chapter 246-830 WAC.

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